MantisClan is a casual gaming community for people of all backgrounds

As of right now Mantis is in a so called Beta Stage. We have the framework and walls up now all we have to do is paint them and decorate. Our Framework consists our servers and forums. We have most of the essential plugins to make Mantis work for now but maintenance will defiantly come into play considering our population increase
Where are we server wise now?:

  • TTT Server: Our TTT server has been extremely successful lately with a steady population throughout the day of about 13 people. Towards the night we have seen a drastic improvement to about 20 people playing on our Server. We will continue to focus a good amount of our attention on TTT because of its thriving results.
  • Surf Server: Our Surf server has been on and off with population. Over the past couple of days you can see a fluctuation from as little as 2 to as much as 10 players. We will still be monitoring and maintaining Surf with as much attention as any other server hoping to attract the skill surf population.
  • Surf DM Server: We just launched Surf DM making it the most new game type so far. Surf DM is currently up and running with the most up to date and innovative plugins. There are some minor map issues and Suicide ban issues that we are aware of and are in the process of fixing. These issues should be fixed by the end of this post date.
  • JB: Since we have seen a drastic decrease of population on JB we have chosen to delay the integration of JB into Mantis. This doesn't mean we wont ever release JB again it merely means that Mantis and the CSGO community aren't currently ready for a new JB server.
Where are we forum wise now?:
  • ...
I can feel the tension between our players and our server administrators is at an all-time high just this past week. Not only that, but this has led to some arguments within our administration team too. I just want to lay down some additional ground rules for our administrators so we can better regulate the server and minimize the tension.

First, I want to point out that as of the time of this post, all admin positions are considered volunteer positions, even those donor admins. They are there as a team, to enforce the rules of the server. Do not discount one's action simply for their position ranking within the community.

Second, our player complaint forums are always open for you. If you feel that an admin has treated you wrongly, PLEASE bring it up for us so we can have an open discussion between you and the accused admin. All complaint threads WILL BE handled by upper management (i.e. Captains and Founders), and you WILL receive a proper response you deserve.

Third, if you do not feel comfortable with an open discussion, or if you want to submit a complaint anonymously, feel free to post in our private complaint section. Only upper management will be able to see thread content here. If the complaint target IS a member of the upper management, please PM one of the other Founders via forum message.

Lastly, here are the ground rules for ALL of our Server Administrators going forward:
  • Whenever an administrator takes actions against a player and another administrator disagrees with said action, DO NOT ARGUE! If there is a problem, bring it up to a Captain or a Founder. If a discussion is needed on this topic, a Captain or a Founder will schedule a meeting.
  • Do not tell another administrator on how to do his/her job. We all have different ways of enforcing the rules within the published guidelines.
  • Let...


Time and Date

The event will take place Sunday, August 28th, 2016 @ 4pm EST.

Rules and Requirements
You must have 5 players total. No subs.
You may not have multiple teams.
Teams will be expected not to cheat/hack.
Captains must make sure their team will be present come check-in time.
If a player is not present for check-in, the team is disqualified.
1st Place: Team Members Receive 2 Months of
VIP Admin and 10 keys to divide among the team!

Every participant in the Tournament is automatically
entered into a knife giveaway for a

Gut Knife | Freehand (Minimal Wear)

*All team members MUST show for their match and play the match in its entirety.
the knife will be delivered Tuesday, August 30th, 2016.
If the team is missing a player come check-in time, they must forfeit their match.

View the Live Tournament Brackets Here!

Seed Placement and Match Schedule


Game 1:
Ravioli Money Gang vs C3NTUR1ON
Game 2:
Mantis 9 vs Rising Sun
Game 3:
KKona vs King's Crutch
Game 4:...
UPDATE 2: Server connectivity has been restored.

UPDATE: The stability update has been released, and we have contacted our provider to roll this update out for us ASAP. Please remain calm!

Yes, after tonights CSGO update, everything is crashing.

Unfortunately, we are not the only community who is experiencing this. I am personally monitoring the SourceMod forums hoping for a fix soon.

Hopefully in the future Valve will play test their updates for community servers. Oh wait...
...That you guys have seen communication from me. We had undergone some drastic changes to our management team so that we can continue to work on what we love.

The Founder ranks have been re-assigned based on contribution to the community, and I truly do hope that their stake in what was just a duty may become a passion in the coming future.

Now let's talk about the changes:

Jailbreak - It's sad to see it go, but the original people who were working on the server no longer has passion to maintain it. I personally am not a big fan of Jailbreak either, and I do not want to split the community in half by inviting TTT players onto Jailbreak just so we can populate it. So we had to make the decision to temporarily stop our Jailbreak server. It may make a come back in the future though!

Donations - Like any other community, we got dues to settle and bills to pay, so as soon as we can get a presentable donation page as well as the Buyer's Agreement ready, you can consider in supporting us directly!

Minigames - Well, no comment on this yet because this was suppose to be my personal project. I had too much creativity and little time to fulfill all of them. We may see a presentable version soon but don't expect too much from me!

DarkRP - Yes, this is coming as far as I know, because Circe and Xearta are both hyped about configuring and launching our first Garry's Mod server. Details soon to follow!
That's right, we are back from our very long hiatus, and under a new (and hopefully more competent) management! Please pardon our appearance in the mean time as we polish our servers to better serve our players.

As many of you may or may not have known, Mantis has almost 8 years of history now, and we are proud to bring back the community we once called "home". Those of us who are starting this old engine back have all gone through many different places, like Titan, RGN, LTGamers, Controlled Chaos, and Alcatraz. You might remember those names too, and we are glad to have you back on this wild ride again. We hope that the experiences we had when we were running our past projects will turn this into a successful, long-lived gaming community.

Here are your new Founders for Mantis(no longer Presidente):

Hero, Circe, Xearta, and Forgot.

The following people made great contribution to our community when we are starting up, but their personal endeavors have taken them from us, they are now retired for unspecific amounts of time:

Brightside, Alvarez, and K0Killer2.

Stay tuned for more community related updates on this thread!
Forum Rules and Guidelines

Everything you'll find here is streamlined and has been completely reworked to provide an excellent experience for everyone involved. First and foremost, I personally would like to welcome you to our community. It is our goal to provide an amazing atmosphere to game and enjoy with others. As we continue to develop this community and expand into the vast amount of games before us, it is important to remember there are some rules and guidelines here. Most are fairly simple. We hope your experience here with Mantis is something no other community could provide. Once again, welcome to Mantis.
  • Do not spam-post or derail threads (commonly called shit posting.)
  • Do not post threads in inappropriate sections or use improper labeling for posts.
  • Do not post threads dedicated to harassing another user. This falls under the category of shit posting.
  • If you are submitting a thread that requires a format, please use the format provided in the sub-forum.
  • Do not spam or misuse shoutbox. Abuse will result in a shoutbox ban.
  • Do not post illegal or inappropriate content including, but not limited to pornography, phishing/scam...