MantisClan is a casual gaming community for people of all backgrounds

That's right, we are back from our very long hiatus, and under a new (and hopefully more competent) management! Please pardon our appearance in the mean time as we polish our servers to better serve our players.

As many of you may or may not have known, Mantis has almost 8 years of history now, and we are proud to bring back the community we once called "home". Those of us who are starting this old engine back have all gone through many different places, like Titan, RGN, LTGamers, Controlled Chaos, and Alcatraz. You might remember those names too, and we are glad to have you back on this wild ride again. We hope that the experiences we had when we were running our past projects will turn this into a successful, long-lived gaming community.

Here are your new Founders for Mantis(no longer Presidente):

Brandon Alvarez a.k.a Alvarez
David Steeves
a.k.a Brightside
Eric Lin
a.k.a Hero
Chris Halligan
a.k.a K0Killer2

Of course, we have also outsourced talents from other communities to help us get off the ground faster, here are your Captains:

Circe, Xearta, Lemonz, and Forgot

To be continued...

Stay tuned for more community related updates on this thread!
Forum Rules and Guidelines

Everything you'll find here is streamlined and has been completely reworked to provide an excellent experience for everyone involved. First and foremost, I personally would like to welcome you to our community. It is our goal to provide an amazing atmosphere to game and enjoy with others. As we continue to develop this community and expand into the vast amount of games before us, it is important to remember there are some rules and guidelines here. Most are fairly simple. We hope your experience here with Mantis is something no other community could provide. Once again, welcome to Mantis.
  • Do not spam-post or derail threads (commonly called shit posting.)
  • Do not post threads in inappropriate sections or use improper labeling for posts.
  • Do not post threads dedicated to harassing another user. This falls under the category of shit posting.
  • If you are submitting a thread that requires a format, please use the format provided in the sub-forum.
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  • Do not post illegal or inappropriate content including, but not limited to pornography, phishing/scam...